One-on-One Combat

There were a lot of other ways this could have gone. A bullet to the head, a tear-filled reconciliation, a mysterious third party interrupting the confrontation…

Falling off the roof of a fifty story building was not really the one I’d have picked.

I reviewed the chain of events as windows rushed past. We’d met up on the roof, as planned. We’d given our respective ultimatums, as expected. She’d pointed a gun at me, I’d pointed a strategically chosen finger at her, and then…

Oh, right. I’d forgotten about her latest boyfriend. Psychokinetic, right? That’s probably what knocked me back the few feet to - and off - the edge.


I stopped the fall about a foot from the ground, the resulting gust of air messing up the hair of a dozen frantic bystanders and two unimpressed passersby. I flipped into a standing position, landing nimbly. Giving a smile and a wave for the cameras, I crouched down, then leapt up the side of the building.

This boyfriend of hers needed to learn to mind his own business.