Adding Insult to Injury

Prompt: add insult to injury

“Why are you always so pissed off?”

“Ha ha funny.”

“No. Dammit, Dez.” Jake frowned. “I’m serious.”

Desdemona stared at Jake like he’d grown a second head or something. ”You’re… You seriously have no idea?”

He shook his head vehemently, his words coming out in a growl. “I keep trying to be friendly and you keep spitting in my face.”

“It was just the one time!”

“Not literally.”

She started to retort, then reconsidered. “Okay, fair. But you really, really have no idea?”

“Yes,” he answered shortly.

“Hm.” Desdemona folded her arms, eyeing the boy (he really hadn’t earned anything like “man” yet, and she didn’t know his Change, so, boy he was) speculatively. “You don’t know why I might resent being claimed as a possession and backhanded in the face?”

He scowled. “It was Hell Night–”

“Or being asked out on a date by you beating me up?”

She hadn’t thought it possible he could scowl even harder, but there it was. “You wouldn’t’ve agreed if I just asked.”

“True, but–”

“And I already apologized for Hell Night.”

“I know, but–”

“What else do you even want from me?”

Desdemona waited for several long moments, her tail lashing a couple of times, before snapping a response. “Are you done interrupting me?”

In possibly the first intelligent move he’d made so far, Jake said nothing and just nodded.

“Did you stop and think for even one second,” she began, “that maybe, if you were really interested in ‘getting along’ with me, maybe you should’ve asked me what might help?”

His expression said no, he clearly had not thought of that.

“I didn’t think so.” Desdemona rolled her eyes. “Look, I’ll give you a second chance, under one condition.”

”… What?”

She grinned, showing sharp fangs for the first time. “I get to backhand you in the face.”