June World-Building 2018

I saw the World-Building June prompt list thing floating around last month and was extremely dissatisfied with the list of questions, so I decided I would write my own. It’s a little late getting up, but… well, here we are!

Rather than trying to have a haphazard but encompassing list of questions about Basically Everything, I took advantage of the month of June being 30 days and divided it into three general categories, with ten questions/days per category. The questions themselves, I tried to make both specific and broad - the kind of questions you can answer with just a brief sentence, or that you can expound upon in detail.

Now, before you start actually answering the questions, consider the purpose of the world-building. Is it just for fun, or is it for developing the setting of a story? The scope of your purpose will help limit and direct your answers to the questions.


1- What type of setting is it? A part of a continent, a planet, a star system?

2- What are its notable geographical or astronomical characteristics?

3- What type of climate does it have? Wet or dry, hot or cold?

4- What kind of day and seasonal cycles do people who live there experience?

5- What is the weather like? Is it natural, artificial or a combination?

6- What kinds of wild and domesticated plants grow there? Are there many types or only a few?

7- What kind of wild and domesticated animals live there? Are there many types or only a few?

8- What are the biggest challenges of life there? Is it difficult overall, or easy?

9- What are the main benefits of life there? Do people want to stay or leave?

10- FREE SPACE: What’s your favorite thing about your setting’s environment?


11- How many different governments does the story interact with? How are they different or similar, or why is the one isolated?

12- What powers does government have over society?

13- What type of economic structures do they follow?

14- What kind of technology do they use or produce?

15- How do they treat disease and injury? What skills, medicines, and technology are used, and how do people access it?

16- How do they manufacture things?

17- What are the primary economic resources of the society? Are they from the environment, manufacturing, or the population?

18- What kind of transportation and communication do people have access to? What is its range and speed?

19- How do the transportation and communication networks - or lack thereof - affect dealing with, and knowledge of, other societies?

20- FREE SPACE: What’s your favorite thing about the way your setting’s civilization(s) run themselves?


21- What do people in the society consider basic necessities? What resources do they take for granted?

22- Which social values do they consider virtues and vices?

23- What common beliefs does the society have? Are they universal, or do they vary to some degree within the society?

24- Does the society define castes or groupings around reproductive abilities? What are the differences, or why not?

25- How do people in this society confer, acquire, or display social status? Is it tied to political or economic status?

26- What kind of education does the society provide? Which subjects or skills do they value most?

27- What kind of food do they find appealing? What do they consider healthy or unhealthy?

28- What forms of art does the society appreciate the most? Music, writing, architecture, fabric, etc.?

29- Do they have a history, a mythology, or a combination? How is it passed on?

30- FREE SPACE: What is your favorite thing about the culture(s) in your setting?

If you use my list, tag your posts #JuneWorldBuilding or #JWB2018 !