July Book Thing

This post has been back-dated from July 6th

Someone over on mastodon posted this July Book Thing that they’re doing where each day of July you answer a book-related question, and it looks like a fun set of questions so I figured, hey! I should do this!

So here I have typed up all the questions in text format, because a) the image list format is annoying to reference, and b) what if that other person’s post gets deleted?? I’d lose ‘em all! The horror.

  1. Your first favorite book
  2. The first book you remember reading.
  3. A book you wish had never been made into a movie.
  4. A book you really wish would be made into a movie.
  5. A book that wasn’t as good as its movie.
  6. The last book that made you LOL.
  7. Best book someone recommended to you.
  8. Worst book someone recommended to you.
  9. A book you’ve been meaning to read for a long time but haven’t.
  10. A book you wish your friends would read already.
  11. A recommendation you’re probably not going to read.
  12. A book you were surprised you liked.
  13. The book you’ve re-read the most.
  14. The last book you loaned to someone.
  15. A book you avoided because of the cover art.
  16. A book you feel kind of bad for liking.
  17. A book you loved but then you realized it’s actually terrible.
  18. A book you loved as a kid… and still do.
  19. A book you never want to read again.
  20. Favorite character from a book.
  21. Literary character you’d want to be your best friend.
  22. Literary character you absolutely hate.
  23. A book you totally destroyed your sleep schedule to finish.
  24. A literary world where you’d love to live.
  25. A book or series you’ve written fanfic for… even if only in your head.
  26. A popular book/series that’s just not your thing.
  27. Favorite quote/line from a book.
  28. A book that helped you understand yourself.
  29. A book that helped you understand someone else.
  30. The book you were reading most recently.
  31. A book that makes you want to write.