Adding Insult to Injury

11 Nov 2014 by Cal

Prompt: add insult to injury

“Why are you always so pissed off?”

“Ha ha funny.”

“No. Dammit, Dez.” Jake frowned. “I’m serious.”

Desdemona stared at Jake like he’d grown a second head or something. ”You’re… You seriously have no idea?”

Unusual Methods

15 Sep 2014 by Cal

Written for the Thimbleful Thursday prompt: throw down the gauntlet. I squeaked in at 439 words!

Desdemona barely restrained herself from punching Jake into the wall. “What the hell–”

“Desdemona cy’Fridmar,” he interrupted, waving the glove he’d just smacked her with in her face, “I challenge you to a duel.”


8 Jul 2014

As the Director left the stage, the newly graduated Cohort slowly began to gather themselves to leave the auditorium. All, that is, but one. A tall blonde woman (they were all adults now in both senses of the word) wearing a full set of studded leather armor and weapons, slipped out of her seat on the aisle and strode forward, leaping onto the stage with ease. Before most of the assembled students noticed, she turned to face them and, using her heel like a gavel, stomped her foot three times.

“My fellow graduates,” she began as the crowd turned towards her, “we are all Adults now, in age and Name. There is no one responsible for what we do but ourselves - no Mentor or mother to shield us from consequences. And so I say: be careful.

“There are monsters in the world - the Nedetakaei, yes, but not all monsters forsake the Law. Some use it, hide behind it… And some of you know this very well.“

Empty Hallways

19 Nov 2012 by Cal

She was cursed.

A Rocky Beginning

21 Aug 2012 by Cal

“And I’m the rightful king of Scotland.” Jake snorted derisively, looking down at her - or trying, at least. At five foot eight (and a half), Desdemona was taller than at least half the school. “You think I give a shit who your parents are?”

“I think you should know better than to think I’m some weak little girl.” She sank back into a fighter’s crouch, raising her fists. “I also think you’re an asshole.”

Better Demons

27 Dec 2011 by Cal

Leofric hummed cheerfully under his breath, peering into the bathroom mirror while daubing at the points of his antlers with a long-handled paintbrush. He’d finished the left-hand one already, the dark-red corn syrup staining several tines in a strategically grisly spectacle. A couple more tines on the right and some splatter on his face and shirt and he’d be set. And maybe this year, Zita’d be done picking out her best devil-fairy outfit first.

It was not Halloween. It was, however, the only day where the blonde boy ever willingly woke up before dawn: Saturday after the second week of classes, commonly known among the student body as Hell Night.


20 Dec 2011

“Now this Crew… They actually have a name, kind of. Boom! I think they made it up themselves. They’re… well, they’re crazy.”

“Crazy seems pretty par for the course down here, doesn’t it?”

“Hah, no, these guys are good people, but they’re actually nuts. Well, mostly. This one, the pretty red-head? You can’t see it in the picture but she’s got a long, really fluffy tail. Cynara. She’s mostly normal, at least for down here. If you have business with the Crew or want to find something, she’s the one to talk to.”