A Prologue

25 Nov 2009 by Cal

I was digging through my Google Docs files the other day and came across some writing projects I’d begun and pushed aside (for whatever reason). In particular, I came across the prologue to a set of serial shorts that I had been planning on writing. Ah, that project. The idea started out as a comic-book-type serial; episodic chapters, etc. Then I realized I lacked the time and skill to draw it, and didn’t want another artist drawing it as I could (and can) picture it all so clearly in my mind. At this point I decided to write it as a set of serial short stories (in the pattern of Sherlock Holmes – one story was one entity, but with a distinct chronology and a bit of an underlying thread).

Also at that time, I was intending to release it through FictionPress. So, I wrote up a prologue one day (which uses but hardly even hints at the massive amount of backstory or all the connections to several other books/stories I either have ideas for or actually have in progress). Then I proceeded to never do anything with it, as I continued flipping back and forth between web comic and serial shorts.

And so, I present to you the erstwhile prologue of what will eventually be a set of stories. In some form. Maybe.