One-on-One Combat

13 Jul 2011 by Cal
There were a lot of other ways this could have gone. A bullet to the head, a tear-filled reconciliation, a mysterious third party interrupting the confrontation… Falling off the roof of a fifty story building was not really the one I’d have picked. I reviewed the chain of events as windows rushed past. We’d met up on the roof, as planned. We’d given our respective ultimatums, as expected. She’d pointed a gun at me, I’d pointed a strategically chosen finger at her, and then…

Fooling a Dragon

30 Mar 2011

the details the words: loud, persuasive, riches

- - - - -

The gold coins each landed with an audible clink, echoing through the chamber. Clink. Clink. Clink clink.

“Perhaps,” it rumbled, enclosing the remaining coins in its massive talons, “if you are very persuasive, I will reconsider.”

The young man being addressed was doing an impressive job of not showing just how terrified he actually was. From a distance, you might even think winged reptilian creatures the size of elephants lay down between him and the exit every day. “If nothing else” - his voice cracking on the word was not quite unnoticeable - “I’d make a pretty terrible sn-snack. Mostly bone, stringy, you know. Wouldn’t last very long.”