About Us

The Tarot System

We're sort of both a new and not-new system at the same time. While we've been plural for years and years and Years, it's only recently that we've accepted/acknowledged it and are establishing our own individual identities, rather than all using the name and identity of our Outer Identity. Yeah, this is as weird as it sounds. You can go ahead and ask one of us about it if you want, we won't mind.

We chose the name "Tarot" after much debate (and joke responses by Cal) because Kieran loooooves card suits and symbolism and, unlike pretty much every other idea any of us came up with, when you say "Tarot" it sounds kind of like a name. Since we did pick it as the system name, however, we also each have a "card" to represent us, that's mostly to make Kieran happy but Angel thinks it's a pretty fun idea too.


a cartoony chibi caracal
  • he
  • Identifier: 🐈 or #
  • Social Media: @InspectorCaracal@ping.the-planet.space
  • Element: Fire
  • Card: Ace of ♠️

I'm a cat! A caracal, to be precise. I'm the most social online of the lot and I love singing, Sherlock Holmes, programming, romances with cute boys, and some video games. Probably other stuff!

I'm also extremely lazy and, unrelatedly, am Kieran's Bonded Animal Companion, which is hilarious. It's so weird writing with proper capitalization and punctuation when I'm not ranting about Sherlock Holmes lmfao


a sharply grinning androgynous anime character with a ponytail and a medical eye patch with purple demon horns and wings scribbled on top
  • they
  • Identifier: 🗡 or &
  • No social media account
  • Element: Water
  • Card: Knight of ♥

I like martial arts and action anime; I'm really disappointed that we can't do aikido anymore because of the body's knee. Kieran says that I'm "melodramatic" but I would say it's more a normal "dramatic". I don't really know how to front; it is only recently that I have been able to get words out like this. I'm actually cheating; I'm using the psychological pathways connecting me and Kieran that I would use to co-write one of his characters, but he's getting weirded out by me saying that - less than he used to, at least - so I'll leave it there.


a chibi brown-haired sleepy-eyed boy with hair over one eye wearing a white hoodie and a video game controller
  • he/they
  • Identifier: 🌸 or $
  • Social Media: @senbonzakura@ping.the-planet.space
  • Element: Plants (Earth)
  • Card: 10? of ♦️

My hobbies are video games, yelling about video games, and shitposting in map chat in video games. I also like some other stuff, like flowers and gardening and bonsai trees and sports anime. My current favorite video game is Guild Wars 2, which is like, surprise! nobody is surprised. I like staying up late best and I hate mornings.

The others say I'm a sociopath, which, okay. I don't really care if I am, which I guess could be evidence for it? *shrug* I guess the point is, if I'm an insensitive jerk, it's not you, it's me.


a cheerful anime girl winking and making a V sign
  • she/they, but anything is fine, really!
  • Identifier: 🕊️ or %
  • Social Media: @wings@ping.the-planet.space
  • Element: Air
  • Card: 7? of ♣️

I thought I was Cal for a while!! It turns out that most of the times the fronting thoughts were like "gee huh I wonder which one I am? I can't really tell! I should just guess based on what I sound like!" were actually, you know, all me, which is kind of funny if you think about it, but anyway now I have a name and an identity and everything! It's funny because you think of an identity as being integral to a sense of self but they're really not the same thing when you get right down to it and most of us have had a sense of self for a long time but not really an *identity* because of the way we've been all Plural But Not for so, SO many years.

I like bird-watching and painting and drawing and I have wings! I'd like to draw a proper set of images of the five of us sometime, although Toume's image gets muddled up by the fact that Kieran's got this weird sort of mental block about them for reasons none of us (except maybe Toume but HONESTLY I don't think even Toume) know, and I think Kieran keeps trying to shift the mental image away from the anime trope images that Leo got built off of, which is quite frankly very silly of him since Toume first spoke up in this whole revelations thing by admitting that they speak through Leo's "voice" sometimes. Of course they look similar to Leo! I am sure that the things which inspired Leo's appearance are rooted in Toume's identity recognition, just like mine is more like the Sailor Jupiter aesthetic!

This is supposed to be about me but I keep rambling on about other things, oops....


black and white manga-style image of an intensely stressed megane-bishounen
  • he/they
  • Identifier: 💎 or *
  • Social Media: @MrHousewife@ping.the-planet.space
  • Element: Aether
  • Card: The Fool

I am, as Cal puts it, "the anxious one". I tend to overanalyze things and I like having a lot of information and examples about everything. I put a lot of work into trying to not say the wrong things, because I am really good at saying the wrong thing... I deleted what I just typed here because I'm trying to "be more positive" and "stop dumping misery stream-of-consciousnesses on everyone ffs" on Cal's advice.

I like writing, drawing, puzzle and VN games, and anime, and I'm happiest when I'm doing something visibly productive, like housekeeping chores. I'm usually the first one awake in the morning.